Boarding Options

Each of the three Boarding Houses accommodates up to 30 children - Francis caters for boys and Nightingale for girls, while Knowle Hill offers flexi boarding for those wishing to enjoy all the benefits of boarding on an ad-hoc basis. Each House has it's own relaxed atmosphere where children can be children, enjoying running around in the fresh air, playing games with their friends, reading, catching up with their favourite TV programme or simply chatting with friends and Gappers.

Full Boarding

Full boarding, where pupils stay during the school week and at weekends, going home for exeats, half-term and holidays, allows children the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the culture of our boarding environment. 

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding is a good stepping stone in preparation for the move to becoming a full boarder either at Repton Prep or their chosen senior school. Weekly boarders go home at the end of the school day on Saturday, returning on Monday morning. 

Home and Away Boarding

Home and Away boarders return home on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but we often find that they choose to stay in on a Wednesday after sports fixtures (it's tuck night!).


Parents can book their children into our flexi boarding House on an ad-hoc basis. This particularly suits younger pupils who are excited by the idea of boarding and want to find out more. 


Each of our boarders enjoy all the benefits of boarding at Repton Prep, from the superb award-winning food, to the wild and wonderful grounds, alongside outstanding pastoral care from our full-time Houseparents and Gappers. 

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