Boarding at Repton Prep

One celebrated aspect of life at Repton Prep is our approach to boarding.  Boarding, done well, brings lifelong skills, teaching children independence, collaboration and emotional intelligence that they need to thrive in a well-functioning community.  The caring, supportive atmosphere we provide ensures that the girls and boys who board, whether full-time, home and away or flexi, feel safe, secure and happy.  

Boarding enables children to become fully immersed in all that Repton Prep has to offer.  Our 94 after school clubs and activities include musical groups, drama groups, a huge variety of sports, fun science, languages, engineering - every child has the opportunity to try new skills and hone existing talents. For boarders this goes even further with talks, visits, adventures and the run of our wild and wonderful 55-acre site - all on the doorstep of their House.

Our Boarders, Houseparents and their families live together, creating a real sense of belonging and security. Boarders are an extension of the Houseparents families, and our numbers mean that they maintain excellent relationships will pupils of all ages. All Houseparents have clearly defined and agreed values, ensuring that pupils understand what is expected of them whilst they are at school.

Boarding at a school fit for the 21st century is a highly rewarding experience; as well as developing lifelong friendships from like-mind, unbounded people from all over the world, our pupils build a strong sense of self by immersing themselves in every opportunity Repton Prep provides. 

Full-boarders and Home and Away boarders (where they stay at School for three or more nights each week) have their own bed in a bedder with friends.

I have to say that our new B Block have made life very easy for me, especially the Repton Prep boarders!  They have been fantastic - laid back when it's sensible to be, focused when needed.


Flexi-boarders soon develop a relationship with Knowle Hill House's Housemistress, Mrs Claire Waldock, so she can ensure they sleep in their favourite bed, alongside close friends. 

Across our boys and girls boarding houses Seniors and Juniors are separated to ensure that children have appropriate night-time routines and our Houseparents and Gappers are on hand 24/7 to lend support (and have fun!). 

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