Creative Arts

At Repton Prep, creative arts subjects are highly valued as an integral part of school life. With access to a purpose-built Art and Ceramic Studio, Design and Technology Workshop, Music department and theatre, pupils are encouraged to take the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities both through timetabled lessons and extra-curricular clubs.


The Art Department at Repton Prep believes that everyone has a talent in some artistic discipline and that through our education their talent will be discovered. Our department is colourful and welcoming and a high standard of work is achieved by all age groups. Drawing and painting are our main activities although every child has the opportunity to work in our busy ceramics department which involves them in at least one project in each school year. Mixed media projects are also a regular part of the curriculum.

At the end of Year 7, those pupils with a particularly strong interest and ability in this subject are invited to enter the scholarship program. We have a strong record of achieving Scholarships and Exhibitions to Senior Schools and the work produced by our scholars is regularly on display around our school.

Each pupil has a double period of Art every week in Years 3,4 and 5 and a triple lesson for half of each term in Years 6, 7 and 8. Boarders are also able to work in the art room during some evenings in the week and on some Sundays.

We are confident that our creative facilities are likely to be the envy of many Prep and Senior schools. Whilst it is important for children to learn through formal and structured art lessons, our pupils also have plenty of time to work on their own ideas. Above all, our aim is for the children to enjoy their artistic pursuits.


The Drama department at Repton Prep offers all pupils the opportunity to express their creative and imaginative ideas both physically and verbally. Our fantastic theatre provides an exciting environment in which pupils can develop their creativity, communication, and confidence.

Drama is taught to all pupils from Nursery to Year 8 by specialist teachers. Younger pupils develop their speaking and listening skills through both whole-class and smaller group collaborations, using a range of visual and text-based stimuli. Pupils learn how to develop their physical skills to portray character and emotion, whilst also developing confidence in showcasing their performance work to their peers. Technical elements such as sound, lighting and costume are also explored as pupils begin to understand how engaging theatre is created. 

As pupils move through to Upper Prep their basic acting skills and knowledge of drama techniques are widened, exploring performance styles such as Commedia Dell’Arte, Melodrama and Physical Theatre. Pupils will have the opportunity to both imaginatively devise their own drama and work from a range of scripts, choosing either a performative or directorial role. Pupils are also encouraged to consider appropriate lighting, sound, costume and set design, utilising the vast resources the theatre has to offer. 

When pupils reach Year 8, those who show significant ability in Drama may be offered the opportunity to work towards a Scholarship entrance to their chosen senior school. These pupils are offered additional teaching to help prepare for these assessments.

Many productions take place throughout the School year including Christmas shows and summer concerts from Lower School pupils, year group presentation evenings from the Upper School pupils as well as one major production for which pupils audition for acting and technical roles. The Drama department works closely with the Music department to bring both arts together, culminating in fantastic productions all year round.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught to all year groups from Year 3 to Year 8 and everyone enjoys at least a double period per week. Pupils in their final two years benefit from a triple period each week for half a term working back-to-back with Art. The subject is also taught to groups of pupils in Year 2 as part of their activities carousel.

The Design and Technology department is a comprehensively equipped multi-task work environment with traditional wood – working equipment, plastics processing, electronics, computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) using both a LaserCam and router/cutting machine, dye-sublimation processes and a small ICT suite adjoining the main work area.

When pupils reach Year 8, those with a significant creative and technical ability may be selected to work towards a D&T Scholarship entrance to their senior school. They will then concentrate on D&T for the whole term, instead of alternating with Art, in order to achieve the extended level of work required. By the same token, Art Scholars may drop D&T to concentrate on their subject full-time.

Pupils selected to do a D&T Scholarship to their Senior School are offered additional teaching and learning in their activity time that is equivalent to a minimum of four periods per week. There is also access to the D&T facilities during lunch breaks should pupils so wish. This has greatly contributed to the high success rate of our pupils in winning Scholarship and Exhibition awards to their chosen senior schools.

As an extra-curricular extension to D&T, there is a Greenpower Electric Car Racing activity for selected pupils in Years 7 and 8. Cars are designed and constructed to take part in the national Greenpower F24 Electric Car Races for Schools programme.


The Music Department at Repton Prep aims to encourage all pupils to actively participate in musical activities and to listen to music with interest and enthusiasm. We promote confidence and enjoyment in performance.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, catering for all abilities and needs. Music is a unique form of communication and is able to influence the way in which we feel, think and behave. As an integral part of culture, past and present, music assists pupils in understanding themselves and the way in which they relate to others. The teaching of Music develops pupils’ listening and appraising skills and their appreciation of music worldwide. Active involvement in music making broadens social skills and helps to build confidence. 

Lower Prep Garden

Specialist music lessons begin in Nursery where pupils have two 25 minute music lessons per week, with this increasing to 35 minutes in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Throughout the year, pupils have the opportunity to perform to both their peers and parents at Music and Singing Assemblies, Lower Prep Garden Morning Concerts as well as the Recorder Club for Year 2. There is a Christmas Production which involves all pupils from Reception upwards. The Nursery perform their own special Christmas Nativity to their parents, which takes place in the Hall (Garden campus).

Many pupils learn to play a musical instrument at school and they are able to choose from a wide variety of instruments. Pupils have the opportunity to trial a specific music lesson by a peripatetic music teacher with indiviual lessons are 25 minutes long. 

Lower Prep Woodland 

Years 3 and 4 receive one music lesson per week, with all pupils receiving theory tuition following the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music theory syllabus and Theory is Fun by Ying Ying Ng. Instrumental performances are a feature of class music. Each pupil is encouraged to play or sing as soloists and class instrumental ensembles prove extremely popular. Playing in an ensemble helps to develop confidence and the all-important ability to listen.

Upper Prep 

Pupils receive theory tuition during their class music lessons. Following the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music theory syllabus, pupils are entered for external theory exams. Additional theory classes are organised by the Director of Music.

Composition projects in class are linked to the music which the pupils listen to and appraise. Pupils compose for an instrument which they play or for the keyboard. Time is allocated to theory work as appropriate during composition lessons.

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