Overseas Applications

The Repton School communities are greatly enriched by the blend of different countries and societies from which our pupils originate.

Diversity prospers here within the culture of a traditional English boarding school. We seek to create an environment in which all pupils are drawn together by their desire for excellence and which prepares them best for life in an ever-shrinking world. We ensure that our international pupils’ time with us is happy and that they enjoy success across the curriculum.

We have a truly diverse mix of international nationality that make up Repton Prep's vibrant boarding community. 

For all those pupils who require a visa, Repton is licensed to sponsor pupils under the Points Based Immigration System (Child Student Route) and can issue a CAS for those applicants.

Upon your successful acceptance of offer, the School will open a case file on your behalf with an expert third party organisation, Holmes & Partners. They will contact the families or agents to commence and manage the entire visa application process, including issuing the CAS. 

Keeping in Touch

These days it is very easy for all Repton Prep pupils to keep in touch with family and friends whether they are in the UK or abroad. All pupils have access to school pay phones, are issued with personal email addresses and the use of their mobile phones is permitted daily at certain times. Additionally, pupils can use the School’s extensive IT department to arrange Skype video calls with their families, helping to ensure that the link between home and school is a strong and happy one.

Boarding houses are warm and friendly. Our experienced houseparents, together with a team of house tutors, assistants and school nurses keep in close contact with parents throughout a child’s time with us. Each set of houseparents lives within their boarding house and so any child who is unwell or unhappy can be seen to straight away. In addition we have an overnight nurse who is a resident at Repton Prep and offers overnight sick bay facilities for any boarder who is unwell.


Repton Prep is conveniently situated for the major motorways. Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham East Midlands Airports are all within easy reach. A local taxi company, who have been fully vetted and are regularly used by the school, transports pupils to and from all UK airports, including London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Shared transportation to and from airports at the start and end of term is often available for students. The taxi company wait at the airport until the flight has departed.


Pupils whose parents are based abroad must have an English – speaking contact in the UK who can be responsible for arrangements at the beginning and end of each term and for the care of pupils during half-terms, exeats and in emergencies. Ideally this should be someone local who can take an interest in the pupil’s welfare and life at school and who is prepared to attend parents meetings and support school functions, such as plays, concerts and matches. 

Suitable guardians might be relatives or family friends resident in the UK; alternatively there are several agencies that offer this service.

For more information, you can contact: 

The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS)

Contact:  Yasemin Wigglesworth

01453 821293 / info@aegis.net

Visit: www.aegisuk.net

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

When foreign pupils first arrive at Repton Prep they will spend time with Rachel Dry, our EAL specialist, to assess how much help and support they require. Most pupils will have specialist English language lessons in a small group or on a one to one basis. Lessons are relaxed and provide an opportunity for foreign pupils to work at their own speed. There is room for flexibility; if quick progress is made they will return to mainstream English lessons with the rest of the year group.

Students arriving in Year 8 are not normally offered a second foreign language. Students arriving in Year 7 and below are offered a second foreign language (French) if their English is of a good standard.

Support is also offered with subject content in other mainstream lessons e.g. science or history. This may take the form of support with prep or reviewing lesson content outside of the classroom.

The EAL support is also an opportunity to discuss any other cultural/social issues or language barriers that may emerge. This ensures any potential problems are picked up early and can be managed appropriately.

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