Bus Routes

Repton offers a comprehensive School bus service for pupils in the Prep and Senior School, available for pupils from Year 1 upwards (with consideration given to Reception pupils using the bus accompanied by an older sibling). Services operate to and from the Schools, Monday to Saturday covering 7 different routes.

At the Senior School, the buses drop off and depart from the Arch and at the Prep School the buses drop off and depart from Front Square at the bottom of the Portico steps. Pupils in Lower Prep will be accompanied to and from the bus by either our bus driver or a member of staff.

Please download the Bus Service Guide below for further information and how to apply for a seat.

Bus Service Guide

All our buses have excellent maintenance records and vehicle breakdowns are very rare. All drivers carry mobile phones (though for safety they cannot answer these while driving) and regular drivers are used to ensure continuity; all are qualified and DBS cleared. The drivers are updated daily on bus occupancy and the School endeavours to ensure that each driver knows exactly who is getting on the bus at which stop.