The School Day

At Repton Prep, we follow a broad curriculum allowing all of our pupils to learn, grow and explore the world around them.

Lower Prep Garden (Nursery to Year 2)

Children can arrive from 8am with registration at 8.45am. Four times a week we have an assembly in the Lower Prep, including a birthday assembly and our 'Golden Leaf' assembly.

Throughout the day we deliver a wide and varied curriculum of academic and non-academic subjects, including swimming, forest schools, PE, music and French. At 10.20am all children have a snack and break time. Lunch is eaten in the dining hall and is supervised by the Lower Prep teachers. Lunch time begins at midday and finishes at 1.15pm when the children then continue with their timetabled lessons.

An afternoon break time is from 3pm to 3.15pm followed by an assembly, story or circle time until 3.45pm when the day ends. For those children staying later, there are a range of after school activities and an after after school club which runs until 6pm each evening.

Lower Prep Woodland (Year 3 and 4)

There are ten 35 minute lessons in each day. Morning break takes place on the hard courts and surrounding grass area, which is dedicated to lower prep children. Lunch is eaten in the dining room and is supervised by Lower Prep teachers. Lessons end at 4.00pm when we can dereg and go home; alternatively, we can have milk and a snack and then join in the junior activities programme until 5.00pm.

Pupils can dereg then or stay for junior tea and prep. This is taken by a lower prep teacher in the dining room and then in one of the classrooms for supervised prep. This means that when pupils finish at 6.00pm, they can go home having completed their prep.

Upper Prep

There are ten 35 minute periods in each day where pupils follow a structured timetable of lessons, form time and assemblies. At break times, pupils are encouraged to be outside and to make use of the school grounds including the woods and the astroturf.  Lunch is eaten in the dining room where pupils eat alongside their teachers and other members of the school community. On most days, lessons end at 4.00pm when it is possible for pupils to dereg and to go home. Alternatively, they can have M & B (milk and biscuits) and stay for the supervised prep session. At 5.00pm pupils can dereg then or stay and join in with the upper school activities programme which runs until 6.00pm. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the afternoon arrangements differ due to sporting activities and matches.

Remote Learning Programme

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 4 January, the School is now closed with the exception of our Nursery and Key Worker children, but its core business, the personal and academic development of its pupils, remains at the forefront of everything we will continue to do through our Remote Learning programme. 

View our Working Together Guide.

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