Welcome to Repton Prep

As parents we naturally want the best for our children. Such is the importance education has on their future success, many of our life decisions will centre around our choice of school.

With a rich heritage and as part of Repton School, we enjoy enviable facilities and a plethora of resources enabling a curriculum where academic excellence and breadth are joint aims. There is a wealth of opportunity at Repton Prep and we truly believe each child will discover an area where they can shine.

Whilst we are rightly proud of our outstanding facilities and beautiful 55-acre grounds, what makes Repton Prep truly special are our dedicated teachers and staff. They are a wonderfully experienced, gifted and committed team who ensure that our pupils develop a lifelong love of learning. They are passionate about supporting our children and invariably go ‘the extra mile.’ During their time at Repton Prep, your children will benefit from deep and nurturing relationships that will motivate, inspire and push them to succeed in ways they perhaps never thought possible.

A modern and globally relevant education is more than just a sum of the curriculum parts. It needs to provide our children with a strong set of values, a broad and sophisticated skillset as well crucial elements such as adaptability, creativity and resilience allowing future self-growth. Repton Prep staff often say that we seek to provide our children with both ‘roots’ and ‘wings.’

We hope you enjoy learning more about Repton Prep from this website, but to discover what a warm and welcoming family we are please contact our Admissions Manager, Miss Ellie Jones who would be delighted to arrange a personal tour for you and your child. 


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