The Repton Foundation and OR Society

Repton has a proud history dating back to its founding in 1557 by a legacy from Sir John Port, a caring man who appreciated the importance of education and learning; a man of privilege who understood that the strengths and wealth of any community or society are founded in knowledge. Sir John Port recognised that both the hope and future of society are always in the hands of the young.  His legacy has been at the core of the growth and development of Repton, and whilst much has changed in our society in that time the simplest tenets of his legacy have not. Education is still the bedrock on which our society is built.

The Foundation assists both Repton and Repton Prep to develop educational, sporting, art, drama and music facilities in the pursuit of providing a platform to deliver all round excellence. Beyond securing funds for life changing bursaries and capital development projects, at the heart of the Repton Foundation is a commitment to act as a catalyst for Old Reptonians to re-establish past friendships and to renew contact with the schools.

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The Old Reptonian Society

The Old Reptonian Society (which incorporates the Old Foremarkians) is an organisation set up nearly 120 years ago in 1901to enable ORs to keep in touch with one another, as well as maintain links with the school and benefit from the opportunities being part of a global community provides. Old Reptonians naturally and informally tend to keep in touch with one another after leaving school, but the OR Society provides a broader means of ensuring ORs are able to maintain existing, and build new, friendships and connections.

The founding principles of the Old Reptonian Society are:

  • To maintain, promote and facilitate a means of communication and to form a bond between the School and past Reptonians
  • To assist where possible the continuing contact among Old Reptonians
  • To encourage and support all approved Old Reptonian Branches/Clubs/Societies
  • To maintain traditions and help promote the interests of the School

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Contact Details

The Old Reptonian Society
The Hall,
Repton School,
DE65 6FH

Tel: 01283 559320

Andrew Cook,  BA, MBA - Chief Development & Commercial Officer

Jessica Smith - Deputy Development Officer

Nigel Kew - Old Reptonian Liaison Officer

Anna Parish - Old Reptonian Liaison Officer

Jan Cobb - OR Office

Registered charity number - 1067418