Life After Repton

Our pupils go out into the world not just ‘ready’, but Repton ready. Intellectually, physically and emotionally set up for the known and unknown; eager and equipped to achieve their full potential – whatever life may hold.  

Above all, we want our pupils to be happy, as children learn best when they are safe, secure and happy. Our pupils love nothing more than ‘having a go’ and in doing so develop their self-motivation, resilience and confidence. They thrive on the opportunities and challenges that ignites a journey of self-discovery allowing them to grow in self-confidence and develop their full potential. 

Intellectually curious and culturally-attuned, our children make headway in becoming informed and responsible global citizens from an early age. And in turn, we recognise the importance of providing young people with new experiences that broaden their outlook and enhance their knowledge. 

Equipped with the fundamental tools to take forward in life, our pupils leave Repton Prep self-motivated, inquisitive, resilient and curious. Repton pupils are able to forge ahead in grasping opportunity, finding achievement and succeeding in their chosen path.  

The majority of Repton Prep pupils go on to Repton after Year 8 (around 80%) and we have developed a through-school curriculum and a Repton examination to support them in their onward educational journey. We also fully support pupils who go on to other leading public schools and need to take Common Entrance to secure their place.